Spot the Zippo Lighters for Sale for Fakes

Before you buy any Zippo lighters for sale to use or as a collector’s item, make sure you know what you are getting. The demand for these well-made zippo lighters for sale continues to grow. That is what entices criminals to make cheap knockoffs. They sell them for the full retail value or a bit lower. Then you think you got a great deal.
Only they are the ones that are lining their pockets and you end up with a product that is useless. These cheap imitations may look very similar to a real Zippo lighters that are for sale but they aren’t going to hold up for long. In fact, they may give you a hassle right away. When you send it in to get repaired, that is when Zippo notifies you that it isn’t a legitimate product and they can’t fix the zippo lighters for sale that you bought.
Take a look at the inserts for a Zippo lighters for sale. They should all have the name on them as well as the bottom of the product. If such information is missing, that is a giveaway that you aren’t looking at the real item. There are some fake stamps out there but there should be a flame emblem over the i rather than a dot. The stamp should be very deeply embedded into the materials.
Where it says Made in the USA should all be the same size. If you notice USA is larger than the rest, that can also be strong indicator the Zippo lighters for sale aren’t a legitimate product. Look at the welds around the hinges of the lighter. If they are oval it is likely going to be the real thing. If it is round that is a fake.
Also, some vendors will use wording that says they are similar to a Zippo lighters. This is a disclosure that keeps them out of legal trouble. Yet it really isn’t ethical if they are using the Zippo lighters name in any way to promote the products they are selling. If a deal seems too good to be true, you better believe it is and leave it on the table. If you think items may be stolen, report them to the authorities.
Always take the time to verify Zippo lighters for sale are the real thing. If everyone will do so, those scammers would be out of business fast. The only reason they are making so much money is most consumers don’t dig deep and find out the facts. Many don’t even know there is a problem like this out there. Now that you know though, you can take action and you can also warn others about the problem.
If you do spot a fake or think there are fakes being sold, you are encouraged to contact Zippo lighters. They do all they can to stay on top of the problem. They rely on information from consumers though to help them track down those responsible so legal action can be taken. They don’t take lightly to their company reputation being tarnished with bad products out there that have a false Zippo name associated with them.