This is the former bishacas-srcs.org site. This bishacas-srcs.org site is now used for all Somali news source information. With trouble watered and destruction happening for over decades in Somali, now there is a trusted new source to gain all valuable and related information. Bisha Cas meaning red crescent which is Somalis country’s flag this news source goes deep into the heart of Somali culture. bishacas-srcs.org gives a look into expression of the Somali government and how the state works in this country. bishacas-srcs.org even gives you a look at the life for women and men growing up in a society on restrictions of freedom. Take a look and read important news based information about country and the power it has over its people. Never take American culture for granted again and explore the unknown world of Somali with bishacas-srcs.org. Use this news source site to get the world out and open people’s eyes to what is truly happening outside of their own bubbles in this world. Somali has struggled and continues to struggle. bishacas-srcs.org news is presented from real people in Somali. We speak directly with people who have left and started over in America and still have relatives or still live in the crazy world. We even receive interviews from refugees in America, some even Minnesota. See how different life is now for them compared to where they came from and explore a different world. We do our best to stay connect and to help give Somali a fighting chance. Help us and even donate below. bishacas-srcs.org trusted news site for all information regarding the cost of living to the number of jobs to the third world side of the country. If you are looking to adopt children, start here, where the children need it the most. Help bishacas-srcs.org news source a better place by taking small steps and telling others.